Lo voglio ricordare così, il grande Presidente della Società Italiana Medici Manager (SIMM), un grande uomo ed un grande Maestro. Mi onoro per aver lavorato al Suo fianco.


IL RICORDO DELLA Società Italiana Medici Manager (SIMM)

Leonardo la Pietra is the Chief Medical Officer of European Institute of Oncology, a care and research cancer center in Milan, Italy (www.ieo.it).
Prior to joining IEO in 2000, dr. la Pietra was Deputy Medical Director of Istituto Clinico Humanitas in Milan, Italy, where he was also responsible for quality of care, patient safety and clinical information systems.
Dr. la Pietra is Chairman of AIDOS (Italian Health Information Management Association), AIRISS (Italian Association of Risks in Healthcare) and SIMM (Italian Association of Medical Managers).
His main professional and scientific interests are focused on quality improvement, percformance evaluation, clinical indicators, patient safety and risk management, medical records and information management, hospital planning and design, international health policies. He lectures and consults on medical and hospital management subjects in different academic and executive programs.

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